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13 May

The device's co-founder Nathan said the inspiration for the Sharkbanz came from a life spent on the water and a number of traumatic experiences of his own. The first time a bull shark came in close and wanted the fish that I had speared he turned his head about five feet away and swam away. 

The dorsal on this thing was much taller than my head on the surface and the front of it looked like a VW Beetle. It's your call but the claims are a bit too much to take seriously. In other words, the saying about you being more likely to hit the lottery than to be bitten by a shark are the truth. Odds are I wouldn’t have been attacked even if I hadn’t been wearing my Sharkbanz, but having that added security and peace of mind made my session significantly more enjoyable. Zack says he was wearing a new band with magnetic technology that advertises it repels sharks away from swimmers. This increases the risk of encountering a shark,” he says.

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Sams says its wetsuits are currently undergoing independent testing. I wouldn’t put my life in the hands of any of these devices,” she says. It cut part of the way through before it just wouldn’t cut any more. Globally more people died last year taking selfies than those who've been killed by a shark. Sharkbanz 2 enlisted the services of renowned shark experts, chemist Dr. Eric Stroud and marine biologist Dr. Patrick Rice. On the FAQ page on the Sharkbanz website there is a section on who the Sharkbanz not for. There are many pro claims about the electrical and electro-magnetic shark repellent devices, so we would recommend picking up those two if any. These magnets are there to interact with the shark’s sensors on their nose that they use to identify prey up close. Another thing to consider is that all rare earth magnets are not made the same and are not equal in their magnetic properties and their ability to retain their magnetic properties over time. Opening up the box, the first thing you’ll see are two cards.

It consists of two electrodes with a long antenna which sets them a distance apart, creating an electromagnetic field of four metres by six metres. When a shark encounters a magnetic field it experiences intense discomfort and swims away, unharmed. A new band designed to prevent shark attacks on surfers and swimmers is surfacing this weekend, with endorsements from survivors of such traumatic experiences endorsing the new technology. As you’ll see, the band is long; it measures 14 inches tip to tip. Besides the fact this is an electronic devise that will eventually fail in salt water. The issue might be the fact that the essential oils are encased in beeswax which may affect their release into the water. Dogs may be graceful and skillful animals on a surfboard, but in the water, they are a different matter entirely. Scientists then removed Sharbanz from the dummy and in a matter of two seconds - a shark ripped the dummy’s leg off taking the chum prize with it.

At the moment, Sharkbanz sells two products. Who are Sharkbanz 2 for? The fact remains that these devices are not a guarantee against shark attacks. It depends. If you have metal or medical devices under the skin, consult with your doctor before using Sharkbanz or any other shark repellent devices. Huveneers also warns that people using these devices should know their limitations, even if they've been shown to work at least some of the time.


Though it does reduce the chances of shark interactions, it not 100% guaranteed that it will work. You would have to wear kilos of magnets, anything less wouldn't work. Some have a theoretical base and some are just nonsense. While state governments are pumping millions of dollars into beach-wide shark mitigation strategies, a new market for personal shark repellent devices is emerging. Shark Shield is the only electrical repellent on the market that's been independently shown to be effective at deterring sharks from biting. Shark attack survivor Paddy Trumbull, 65, who had her buttocks torn off by a bull shark in Queensland in February 2010 said such a device would have 'absolutely' prevented her attack.


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